Our Mission

The mission of the National Immigration Litigation Alliance is to realize systemic change in the immigrant rights’ arena by engaging in impact litigation and by building the capacity of social justice attorneys to litigate in federal court.

Our Work

NILA is dedicated to championing the rights of noncitizens, or those perceived to be noncitizens, and to elevating the capacity and quality of the lawyers who represent them. Our team has more than 50 years of collective experience in litigation on behalf of immigrants’ rights, including national and regional class actions, petitions for review, habeas actions, mandamus suits, damages litigation, and litigation under the Freedom of Information Act and the Administrative Procedures Act.


NILA’s impact litigation work includes affirmative district court litigation to extend the rights of noncitizens or to eliminate systemic obstacles they or their immigration counsel routinely face; select circuit level litigation, including petitions for review or direct appeals, that have the potential to establish the law for a region of the country; and amicus briefing to assist federal courts in their consideration of key legal issues.

Co-Counseling Program

NILA believes in learning by doing and that attorneys are stronger together. We understand that federal court can be daunting for newer attorneys as well as more experienced attorneys filing a new type of federal court case. NILA attorneys co-counsel a variety of cases, allowing existing counsel to learn litigation skills while simultaneously having the legal expertise and support to present the strongest case possible. 

Strategic Assistance

Immigration law has been compared to the internal revenue code; it is complex and can be hard to navigate, even for immigration attorneys. Experienced NILA attorneys provide a range of technical assistance, including individual case analysis and answering questions related to federal court litigation procedure or strategy. TO JOIN NILA, CLICK THE READ MORE LINK BELOW.

Meet Our Team

Mary Kenney

DEPUTY Director

Trina Realmuto

Executive Director



Meet Our Advisory Committee

Jayashri Srikantiah

Stanford Law School

Director, Immigrants’ Rights Clinic
Associate Dean of Clinical Education

Lee Gelernt

American Civil Liberties Union

Deputy Director, Immigrants’ Rights Project

Guillermo Cantor


University of Maryland

Matt Adams

Northwest Immigrant Rights Project

Legal Director

Joanne Lin

Amnesty International, National Director

Advocacy and Government Affairs

Nora A. Preciado


Director of Immigrant Affairs

Dalia Castillo-Granados

American Bar association

Director, Children’s Immigration Law Academy

Patrick Taurel

National Prison project

Senior Staff Attorney

Lucy McMillan


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