The National Immigration Litigation Alliance (NILA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We strive to protect, enforce, and expand the rights of noncitizens and individuals perceived to be noncitizens through federal court litigation and to empower immigration lawyers with the support, skills, and guidance needed to pursue these goals.

There are two longstanding needs in the immigrant rights movement: (1) the need for federal court challenges to counter unlawful agency policies and practices, civil rights abuses, and lengthy delays in the adjudication of immigration benefits (impact litigation); and (2) the need to improve the capacity for and quality of representation by attorneys suing in federal court on behalf of individual clients (individual litigation). An increased number of immigration enforcement actions, agency policy changes, lack of transparency, and an anti-immigrant political agenda have exacerbated the need for federal court litigation. It will take years to roll-back the policies and practices adopted in the last few years, and a strong federal immigration bar is vital to making this happen.

To address these needs, NILA focuses on impact litigation as well as individual immigration litigation and on one-on-one litigation assistance to build the capacity of the immigration and civil rights bar. For information on NILA’s most recent financials, click here (2022) and here (2023). NILA’s EIN # is 84-4675622.

National Immigration Litigation Alliance, Inc.
Email: info@immigrationlitigation.org
Tel: (617) 819-4649

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