Practice Advisories

Practice advisories address select immigration or federal court issues, but are not intended to replace independent legal advice provided by an attorney familiar with a client’s case.

Whom to Sue and Serve in Immigration-Related District Court Litigation l September 2022


Frequently Asked Questions: Rescission of Matter of Z-R-C-Z l August 2022


Judicial Review of Discretionary Relief After Patel v. Garland l July 2022

Bhaktibhai-Patel v. Garland and Judicial Review of Reasonable Fear and Withholding Only Proceedings l May 2022

Template EOIR Motions to Stay Removal for Individuals Seeking to Reopen Removal Proceedings l April 2022
Template Motion to Stay Removal for Individuals Who Do Not Have Fear-Based Claims
Template Motion to Stay Removal for Individuals With Fear-Based Claims
Template Declaration in Support of a Motion to Stay Removal

The Basics of Motions to Reopen EOIR-Issued Removal Orders l April 2022

Arriving Noncitizens and Adjustment of Status l April 2022

Template Motion to Rescind In Absentia Removal Proceedings in light of Niz-Chavez v. Garland l February 2022

FTCA Packet – Sample Materials l October 2021

Fifth Circuit Petitions for Review l October 2021

Immigration Lawsuits and the APA: the Basics of a District Court Action l September 2021

Vangala v. USCIS – Post-Settlement Frequently Asked Questions l August 2021

Nuts and Bolts of Habeas Corpus Petitions Challenging Immigration Detention l July 2021

Bivens Basics: An Introductory Guide for Immigration Attorneys l July 2021

Adjustment of Status for TPS Holders After Sanchez v. Mayorkas l  June 2021

Overview of Borden v. United States for Immigration Counsel and Sample Motion to Reconsider l June 2021

Mandamus and APA Delay Cases: Avoiding Dismissal and Proving the Case | February 2021

Federal Tort Claims Act: Frequently Asked Questions for Immigration Attorneys | February 2021

Mandamus and APA Actions for Special Immigrant Juvenile Petitions | January 2021

Requesting Attorneys’ Fees Under the Equal Access to Justice Act | August 2020 

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