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NILA provides unlimited strategic assistance to our members on issues related to federal court litigation procedure and strategy for one year. Our membership year runs from the date of payment. Membership also comes with a welcome gift and an end-of-year-gift, access to our Pleading Review Program, priority for our Co-Counseling Program, and discounted rates for NILA-hosted webinars. 

Our welcome packet and renewal letters are sent by U.S. mail, however, membership commences upon payment. Members can reach out to a NILA staff member or for strategic assistance immediately after payment. 

 2024 Membership Rates:

• General Member – Private Practice Attorneys:  $250
• Non-Profit Member: Non-Profit Attorneys – Law School Clinical Professors/Clinics – Federal/State Defenders: $125

Attorneys now have the option to join/renew for one year or to select an automatic renewal option.

Group memberships are available. If 5 or more nonprofit attorneys join, the per attorney rate is $100. If 5 or more firm attorneys join, the per attorney rate is $200. To request a group membership, please email 

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Time and capacity permitting, for an additional fee, NILA members are eligible to have NILA staff review and provide high-level comments and/or edits on pleadings in individual cases. Members interested in this service should email or the NILA staff member familiar with their cases to inquire about availability. 

2024 Pleading Review Rates:  
• 10 pages or less:  $100
• 11-20 pages:         $175
• 21-30 pages:         $225
• 31-65 pages:         $325  



– Trina has advised us through complicated appellate and enforcement matters, and her expert coaching and advice led to the development of critical evidence for a complicated crim-imm matter on its third remand. Our client won relief and was released from ICE detention after 4.5 years. Thank you so much NILA! Your expertise and coaching are top of the field!” – Rose Murray, Southeast Immigrant Freedom Initiative, Southern Poverty Law Center, New Orleasns, LA

–  The Florence Project could not be more delighted to be working with NILA. They have been the catalyst that turned us from immigration court practitioners into district court litigators. They’ve given us new tools to use for our clients’ benefit and have supported us at each step of the way. We are so grateful for their professionalism, dedication, and good humor.  – Laura Belous and Rocío Castañeda Acosta, Florence Immigrant & Refugee Rights Project, Tuscon, AZ

– “NILA has provided strategic and technical support to Rutgers staff attorneys on complex and challenging cases, by taking the time to engage in thoughtful, researched guided discussions. Trina has broken down confusing caselaw into digestible plans of actions that have helped us tremendously.” –  Pina Cirillo, Rutgers Law School Immigrant Right Clinic, Newark, NJ 

– “NILA’s expert strategic assistance has been vital to our organization’s ability to fight agency denials and unreasonable delays for survivors of domestic violence. Without this resource, we would be unable to offer federal litigation as an option to our clients.” – Jasmine McGee, New Mexico Immigrant Law Center, Albuquerque, NM

-“The NILA team is instrumental in expanding my capacity as a litigator. I am a solo attorney. NILA offers me a team of experienced litigators to help me strategize and comfortably take on bigger litigation against USCIS in federal court. Without NILA, I am not sure I would be able to do what I am doing.” – Jessica T. Arena, Law Office of Jessica T. Arena, San Francisco, CA

– “I am so grateful for NILA’s assistance and their pleading review program. Mary Kenney was instrumental in turning my rather convoluted APA complaint into a well-written cognizable argument and I am truly grateful. It was my first foray into Federal Litigation and everyone at NILA has been so helpful and patient be it through the pleading review program or some of their fantastic webinars. – Paul Hannaford, Hannaford Immigration Law, Boston, MA

– “When prickly issues arise, NILA offers answers. They shed light on the best path forward and provide a roadmap that empowers attorneys to confidently navigate the best course. Trina has talked me through strategy decisions, sent sample briefing, spearheaded an amicus effort that made the world of difference in the outcome of a challenging petition for review, and patiently prepared me for my first circuit court oral argument. NILA invests in cultivating burgeoning litigators to broaden the skills of the immigration legal community with an unwavering focus on protecting our clients’ rights and expanding favorable precedent.” – Laura Lunn, Rocky Mountain Advocacy Network (RMIAN), Westminster, CO

– “NILA was instrumental in our recent federal judicial review for an employment immigration case. Mary Kenney’s responsiveness and expertise were invaluable in guiding us through this complex matter.” – Azhar Mamdani, Mamdani Law, Houston, TX

– “NILA’s strategic litigation assistance is invaluable. Among other examples, NILA provided advice on a tricky procedural issue that arose at the Board of Immigration Appeals, which ultimately helped our client’s strong asylum case being reopened. Trina provides nuanced and in-depth responses, and is generous with sharing on-point resources across any issues you may encounter.” – Helen Lawrence, Law Office of Helen Lawrence, Oakland, CA

– “The services that NILA provides to immigration litigators across the country is truly one of a kind. They have helped me develop litigation strategies for multiple cases. Because of the strategic assistance and pleading review services, immigration law firms of all sizes have direct access to a team of highly skilled and experienced immigration litigators. This levels the playing field for immigration lawyers as we litigate against the federal government and all of its resources. NILA gives us the tools and knowledge to effectively and successfully advocate for immigrants in the federal courts.”  – Waleed Naser, Naser Immigration Law, LLC, Chicago, IL

– “The strategic assistance and pleading review programs at NILA have been phenomenal for my practice. Having direct access to some of the brightest minds in the immigration advocacy community allows me to stay at the top of my game and makes me an all-around better lawyer for my clients. Through the strategic assistance program I get timely and fact specific guidance on complex issues. Working with NILA in pleading review has created some of my strongest briefs and made me a better writer along the way. It’s like having a team of experts in-house!” – Duffy Trager, Russell Immigration Law Firm PLLC, Louisville, KY

– “NILA has been an extremely valuable partner when we at ILD work through strategizing in our own litigation, on matters of procedure as well as substance. We greatly value the NILA team’s accessibility, breadth of knowledge, and resources.” – Claudia Valenzuela, Immigrant Legal Defense, Oakland, CA  

– “My NILA membership just saved a life. Thanks to Trina, I learned just the statutory legal arguments that I needed to stop my client from being imminently deported. Without NILA’s expertise, I would have remained in the dark and my client’s removal would not have been stopped.” – Irene Freidel, Political Asylum/Immigration Representation (PAIR) Project, Boston, MA

– “NILA has been super valuable in assisting me in crafting APA, mandamus, and FOIA delay complaints and advising throughout the course of my cases. Trina Realmuto is an immigration litigation legend. For example, she was instrumental in helping me in one of the first visa mandamus cases nearly two decades ago. Mary Kenney and Kristin Macleod-Ball are fantastic: smart, experienced, strategic, and quick in lending a hand. I cannot recommend NILA enough.” – Kenneth White, White & Associates, Los Angeles, CA

– “NILA’s pleading review service gave us the extra confidence to challenge an unjust L-1A denial in federal court—and we won! Mary Kenney is a fantastic legal mind, litigator, and mentor. Any business immigration attorney ready to push back on USCIS’ unreasonable denials should work with NILA.” – Dominique Pando Bucci, Pando Bucci Law, PLLC, Miami Beach, FL

– “NILA provided invaluable advice on two different cases that both had favorable outcomes. I highly recommend utilizing their expert pleadings review. NILA’s Senior Attorney, Kristin Macleod-Ball, was knowledgeable, professional, and prompt.”  –
Professor Alexander T. Holtzman, Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY 

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